The MAM Mail Art Museum of Montecarotto, inaugurated in 1985, is the only Italian public museum that deals with “mail art”, a genre of contemporary art, which involves the exchange of ideas and artistic experiences through postal means: the envelope, the postage stamp, the postcard, in addition to their specific function assume roles of support, material, form, on which and with which artists operate.

A fundamental contribution, inspired by the concept of exchange, was given by the artist Ernesto Treccani, who, while passing through Montecarotto, produced an engraving to be sent to the main artists in the world who wanted to reciprocate, giving the museum a touch of internationality.

After years of closure due to lack of adequate space, it was reopened and transferred in 2006 to the premises of the former proscenium of the Municipal Theatre, which, after  prestigious restoration, have regained their ancient charm with barrel vaults, old stones of the masonry and arches.

Today the Museum preserves important engravings by Marche artists, such as those by Orfeo Tamburi with the landscapes of Rome and Paris, by Pericle Fazzini (an important engraving relating to Christ in the Nervi room in the Vatican) and the Lauretane papers by Arnoldo Ciarrocchi. In addition, it preserves works by Sepo, Zauli, Zavattini, Borgonzoni and numerous foreign artists.

The Museum adheres to the network of the Museum System of the Province of Ancona, which has carried out important initiatives there.

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