Each territory has its own vocation: Montecarotto, located at 388 m. above sea level, a hilly land of calcareous-clayey soil mixture with a mild climate, cooled by winds from both the Apennines and the Adriatic, is the perfect place to produce a high quality Verdicchio wine.


These favourable elements have been discovered and studied over time and today allow our cellars to obtain a wine of a very high quality level, appreciated all over the world.

But the excellence of Montecarotto wines had been known for centuries: in the notebooks of all historic travellers it was noted that in Montecarotto “an excellent wine is produced”.

When this potential was discovered, oenologists tried to make the most of it to obtain a higher quality product (today also organic) for the benefit of viticulturists and wine consumers.

In the economy of the country, this production has long been of considerable importance that continues today.

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