Montecarotto has always distinguished itself locally and internationally for the agri-food tradition, but also for its artisan tradition. In particular, the School of Watchmakers from Montecarotto, has contributed to making the village and its excellent productions known, thanks to the design and construction of tower clocks, between 1800 and 1900, by the three artisans of the School: Pietro Mei , Antonio Galli and Edoardo Marconi.


This particular specialization for the artisanal yet highly technological manufacturing of mechanical watches has not only allowed the master craftsmen to be known and in demand throughout Italy, but has also  left  an indelible mark in the heart, hearing and memory of many. Indeed, these clocks, with their chime and bell system, shaped the rhythm, the sounds and the lives of  towns and cities.


These three artisans constitute a “school“, since they did not belong to a single family lineage, but had in common a way of doing things, common technological and aesthetic solutions, as well as the workshop location, which in all three cases  was in the historic centre of Montecarotto. In fact, the mechanical clock displayed on the facade of the building where Marconi had his workshop and residence, built by himself, is still visible in via Roma N. 26.


These three artisans from Montecarotto, on which historical research was completed in 2020 thanks to the work of the Historical Research Group on the Montecarottese Watchmaking School and the contribution of the Marche Region (DDPF 220 / CTC 21/09/2020), emerged from the documents and testimonies as extremely witty and dynamic figures, endowed with artisan and entrepreneurial genius, which allowed them a long and vast presence in the public watchmaking market, and also great generosity and social and political commitment.

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