The Town Hall (Palazzo Comunale), located in the historic center of Montecarotto, underwent an important consolidation and restoration intervention following the earthquake of 1997, and was inaugurated in its current form in 2009. The building houses almost all of the municipal offices.

The town hall, like many other noble buildings in Montecarotto, is built above part of the castle walls on the east side of the town. The municipality has been based in that building since the end of the 19th century, from the union of some previous noble dwellings, thus creating a solid, spacious and suitable building to house the offices, the district court and the municipal archives.

On the second floor is the large and bright council room, with a frescoed ceiling and pink granite floor with the municipal coat of arms imprinted in the centre, generally used for meetings, it also becomes an elegant place for the celebration of civil weddings.