At the beginning of the twentieth century, there was a fountain in the centre of the town’s main square, now Piazza della Vittoria. It was inaugurated in 1901 to worthily celebrate the construction of the Montecarotto aqueduct, but in 1927 it was demolished because its bulk was an obstacle to traffic that was intensifying at the time. In later years that space was occupied by a circular base surmounted by a large flower pot.

The desire of the Montecarotto people to have a fountain in the centre of the square again has recently been granted: the Unity of the Peoples fountain was inaugurated on 25th June 2011. It is a creation dedicated to peace, brotherhood, dialogue.

The project was carried out by the architect Massimiliano Pecci, the fountain has a spherical basin that depicts the Mediterranean area. The exact center of the representation of the fountain corresponds to the exact geographical position of the town of Montecarotto in the representation of Italy.

In the evening, the water feature is combined with lights, making the fountain even more impressive.